Call all co-operators! We need you at the end of September! Can you help us with the last leg of the store renovation? 

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Renovation Work is Part of the NYS Main Street Grant

As recipients of a 2019 NYS Main Street Grant, the Co-op was able to make significant improvements to the Co-op building. The final phase of improvements, delayed by about a year because of the pandemic, are due to be completed in September 2021. These improvements include painting the store, upgrades to the electrical system, and putting in new flooring.


Two of the upgrades, painting the interior of the store and replacing the flooring, will require a week-long closure of the store and will also require us to physically move everything out of the store-space. While movers have been hired to handle much of the move, lots of help will be needed from our members!


See the tentative timeline for the project (pink colored areas show where you can help).


Anyone who has ever had any work done on their home or other property can already see the many points in the plan where this project can go sideways. While staff will do everything in our power to help this run smoothly and on schedule, we ask members, the public, and volunteers for as much flexibility and patience as they can muster!


Finally, this will be a precarious time for the Co-op. While the grant will cover about half of the total costs of this project, closing the store for a week will mean additional loss of profits on what would have been 11k-13k of gross sales. The Co-op is currently financially healthy, and recent sales have been strong, but it will take all of us to ensure that the Co-op comes through this project on solid footing. Plan to do some shopping once we reopen!


Look for opportunities to volunteer for specific jobs/days to be published in the next few weeks. Thanks in advance for all your support—now let’s do this!

What is the NYS Main Street Grant?

The New York Main Street program (NYMS) provides funds to stimulate reinvestment in properties located within mixed-use commercial districts located in urban, small town, and rural areas of New York State. NYMS is a comprehensive grant program that provides funding for local revitalization efforts and technical assistance to help communities build the capacity required to grow the downtown or neighborhood retail district. To learn more, visit:


Timeline for Flooring Project

Timeline subject to change

  • Early September: Sales on product begin (so as to empty the store as much as possible prior to work). Plan to shop for great deals during this time, and get any special orders in well in advance.

  • Thursday, September 16: Parking lot will be closed to cars beginning at 6 p.m.

  • Friday, September 17

    • Two 40 ft storage containers will be placed in the Co-op parking lot.

    • 80-100 relocation crates (wheeled stackable crates) will be dropped off by the movers

    • Volunteers will be needed to transport any food/merchandise for donation to local food pantries.

  • Saturday, September 18: Store will be closed.  Volunteers will be needed to pack up all store merchandise and wheel them outside into storage containers or place in the walk-in cooler. Many hands will be needed! We will need volunteers to keep our other volunteers fed and watered on what will be a long day for all of us.

Timeline Leading Up to Store Closure
  • Sunday, September 19: Movers will come in the morning to empty the store of the refrigerators and shelving units; painters will begin in the afternoon.

  • Monday, September 20: Painting continues.

  • Tuesday - Thursday, September 21 - 23: painting and flooring will be done.

  • Thursday, September 23: staff will take deliveries from UNFI and other suppliers to fill shelves, etc., for reopening. Temporary local freezer space may be needed!

  • Friday, September 24: movers will return shelving and appliances the store in new layout. In the afternoon/evening, volunteers will be needed to help reassemble shelving etc.

  • Saturday, September 25: volunteers will be needed all day to help shelve product and set up displays.

  • Sunday September 26: REOPEN!

  • Monday, September 27: storage containers will be picked up, and the parking lot will reopen.

Timeline During to Store Closure