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About the Cambridge Food Co-op


Back in the 1960s and early 1970s, farmers were told to get big or get out, ushering in the era of pesticide- and herbicide-based industrial agriculture. For those who understood the value of synthetic chemical-free food, there were few-if any-retail outlets offering organic foods. So a group of committed local folks formed a buying club so they could more easily source healthy organic foods they could afford. Fast forward a few years, and the Cambridge Food Co-op was born.  Today, the Cambridge Food Co-op has been serving the Cambridge, New York community and surrounding towns for more than 40 years.  Food co-ops like ours have been leaders in the development of natural, organic, local, and Fair Trade food movements in our region and across the country.


What is a Co-op?
Co-ops are democratically-run organizations that are rooted in the Seven Cooperative Principles and strive to uphold the values of their members. While the Cambridge Food Co-op is a business, its profits are a means to an end, and those ends are decided by our member-owners for the purpose of enriching the entire community.  Thus the Cambridge Food Co-op puts "community" at the center of organizational decision-making.

As a democratically-run organization, the Co-op answers to its members who are represented by an elected Board of Advisors.  Members gather at least twice a year to vote on critical issues facing the Co-op, determine the direction of the Co-op, and ensure that Co-op resources are being managed appropriately. 


Everyone can shop the Co-op.
While members benefit from exclusive sales, offers, and discounts, our store serves both members and the public and offers local, natural, and organic produce and products. We carry a wide variety of healthy and delicious foods, sustainably-raised/caught fish and seafood, pasture-raised meats, fresh local and international cheeses, and locally-baked whole-grain breads.


The Co-op can help you meet your individual nutritional needs with our wide selection of gluten-free, vegan, raw, and dairy-free products. We also offer shopping efficiency with bulk and case-lot special ordering, and we work hard to accommodate our customers' wishes.

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Shopping the Co-op supports our community.

Our Co-op shoppers provide significant support to the local economy, since close to 30% of Co-op offerings come from local and regional suppliers. Shopping local means more money stays within our community instead of enriching faraway corporate shareholders who are less invested in our community.

Support a local business that shares your love of high-quality, ethically-sourced products, and benefits your local farmers, producers, members and community—shop the Cambridge Food Co-op!

We proudly carry products that bear these labels:

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