2022 Board Meeting Schedule

  • ​May 25 - Board Meeting

  • June 26 - Annual Members' Meeting

  • August 24 - Board Meeting

  • No September Meeting

  • October 26 - Board Meeting

  • November 16 - Board Meeting

  • December 4 - Semi-Annual Members' Meeting

Board meetings begin at 6:30 and are open to all members. Membership meetings begin at at 4 p.m.

All meetings are virtual until further notice.

See below for DRAFT meeting agenda for the May meeting!

2022 05 25 Board Meeting Draft Agenda.jpg

Board of Directors

The Cambridge Food Co-op has an active Board of Directors who ensure the efficient, effective running of the Co-op.

What is the Board of Directors and What Do They Do?

As a consumer cooperative, the Cambridge Food Co-op is managed by a Board of Directors, a democratically-elected group of Co-op member-owners committed to upholding the values of the Co-op and ensuring the activities of the organization are in the best interests of the Co-op community. Directors are responsible for maintaining the operational and financial health of the Co-op, supervising Co-op management, and engaging in long term planning for the future of the Co-op.  

When Does the Board Meet?

The board meets at least 6 times per year and all Co-op members are encouraged to attend. Board meeting agendas and most recent draft meeting minutes are posted on the Co-op’s bulletin board and sent to all members via email ten days prior to each scheduled meeting. During the current pandemic, meetings have been via Zoom, and links to the meetings are emailed to members  prior to each meeting.

Do You Need to Contact the Board?

Do you have comments or questions about how the Board operates, what its current activities are, or a suggestion? The Cambridge Food Co-op’s Board of Directors wants to hear from you! They are available to answer questions and provide information about co-op governance.


Current Board Member Bios

Fern Bradley  2021-2023 (2nd term)

Fern and her husband, Tom Cole, followed their hearts to the Hudson Valley a dozen years ago, serendipitously ended up in Cambridge in 2007, and are happy to have found a home here. Fern and Tom are known to all who’ve attended a community dance at Hubbard Hall—Fern is the caller and Tom assists out on the dance floor. Fern and Tom are also members of the Cambridge Community Garden, enjoy their home garden, and keep bees and chickens. In her professional life, Fern has worked as a book editor and writer for close to three decades. She was on staff at Rodale Press for many years and is the author of Rodale’s Vegetable Garden Problem Solver and an editor of Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening and many other titles. She is currently a senior editor for Chelsea Green Publishing, an independent, employee-owned publishing company specializing in books about regenerative agriculture and sustainable living.

Janet Britt  2020-2022 (2nd term) - Secretary

Janet joined the coop when she and her husband John Dojka moved to the neighborhood in 2004. After farming for many years, she now works as the Easement Steward for the Agricultural Stewardship Association. Janet serves as the Board Secretary and as chair of the Governance Committee.

Teresa Foster 2020-2022 (1st term)

Hello.  I moved to Cambridge just over two years ago, and one of the things I was most excited about was that a town this small was able to support its own food co-op.  While I was a fairly regular visitor from early on, it wasn’t until last year around the holidays that I felt settled in enough to become a member and I bought a membership as a gift to myself.  I’m a strong advocate for natural foods, fresh foods, and local foods as well as a cooperative business/organization mentality.  When I saw that the Cambridge Food Co-op was looking for new members for the Board, my interest was immediately piqued, as I thought it could be a good way for me to get more involved and for me to support my new community and also that I might have experiences and skills the Co-op would find valuable.

On a personal level, I was a co-founder of a new Montessori elementary school that opened in Schenectady in September 2008.  In that role and beyond, I was responsible for a wide variety of tasks – e.g. creating and maintaining the website, researching NYSED regulations and assuring our compliance, drafting/creating the majority of the school’s documents (enrollment application, student registration and contact forms, student handbook, staff handbook, staff assessment procedures, informational flyers and postcards, fundraising materials, “year in review” write-ups), serving as Board vice president for multiple years, interviewing school hires, acquiring a great deal of the school’s equipment and materials, serving as chair or member of the academic committee for multiple years, coordinating two of the annual fundraising events, planning numerous student field trips and special school activities, initiating an annual school-wide camp-out and coordinating that event for nearly ten years.  My hope is that this assortment of experiences and skills could be put to good use at the Co-op.

On a professional level, I serve as Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Data Analytics at SUNY System Administration.  I’ve been with the same office there for over 20 years, working my way up from an entry-level position to the head of the office.  My job requires me to maintain a practical, objective, and fair approach to my work and to be a continual and creative problem solver.  It also requires a strong work ethic as well as working regularly with many other individuals and offices, often times with differing interests and priorities.  I do not leave these practices behind when the work day is over; they are with me in all aspects of my life, and I would be very happy to be able to serve the Co-op with them too!

Darlene King 2020-2022 (1st term) 

Cambridge resident since 1983. Raised three children in the community- husband Clarence is a Cambridge native and a local artist. Co-op member for over 30 years ( love it!). Career educator- currently Director of Pupil Services in the Saratoga Springs City School District. Dedicated to success of co-op as an integral part of the Cambridge community

Bliss McIntosh 2020-2022 (1st term)-

Bliss White McIntosh was born and raised in Cambridge and returned to live here after college.  She was part of the original buying club which became the Village Store Coop in 1978 and has been a member ever since.  She and her husband Robbie raised their two daughters (and 6 exchange students) on coop food and have been committed to eating as seasonally and locally as they can, with as little packaging as possible.   Music, basket making and gardening and now grandparenting make life full, fun and delicious.  She looks forward to serving on the coop board once again, hoping to help keep our brave little coop alive and well in these new times.  

Andrew Pate 2020-2022 (1st term)

I grew up on Long Island, graduated HS in 1969, moved to the area in 1972, and began working as a self-employed designer, builder and woodworker.  I grew my construction business, acquired land in 1984, built a house and then a shop, working locally and in NYC.  I joined the Coop when it was first located in the Village Store and built the cool room, did wiring, maintained lighting and did various remodeling projects to accommodate the coops changes and growth.  When the coop moved to its current location, I built the checkout counters and shelves.  I have also done numerous building and maintenance projects for Hubbard Hall, joining the Hubbard Hall Board in 2008.  During my term as Board Chair I helped conduct the search for a new Executive Director.  I continue to serve on that board and support HH buildings and programs.  I have spent more than 2/3's of my life in this region and appreciate being a part of a vibrant, creative, and socially conscious community. I consider the Coop and Hubbard Hall important social and economic anchors in our community.  I look forward to contributing to the future stability and sustainability of the Coop.  I am semi-retired and continue to do woodworking. I am married to Anastasia Nute.  I enjoy working in the woods, cycling, windsurfing, and croquet.

Edwin Schiele  2021-2023 (2nd term)  

Edwin has lived in South Cambridge for 18 years. For much of that time, his wife Debby Jaffe and I have operated a small vegetable, berry, and poultry farm. We have used the farm as a vehicle for promoting local agriculture both through promoting and selling at the Cambridge Valley Farmers Market and through selling our produce to the coop. In the process, we have developed strong relationships with many other local producers. Over the past few years, we have become more active at the coop. Debby and I as well as our daughter Leah have participated as working members and volunteers. Not to mention we have offered plenty of unsolicited advice. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute any way I can to help the coop continue to thrive. 

Niki Suto 2020-2022 (1st term)

Nicole (Niki) Suto is a two-year resident of Shushan who started as a working member at the Coop in July of 2019. When COVID hit in March of 2020, Niki transitioned to a staff position at the cash register on the weekends. This job was the highlight of Niki's week, as it gave her a chance to help out during a critical time, and greet our customers with smiling eyes and a cheerful attitude.


Outside of the Coop, Niki keeps a busy schedule working full time for the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) with the Contract Unit. She's been with OPWDD for 13 years, and has experience with budgeting and fiscal analysis, policy analysis, database development, staff training and public education initiatives, and Medicaid and Social Security benefits programs. Her career with OPWDD is an example of Niki's passion to help people live healthy and fulfilling lives.


In addition to her work with NYS, Niki is also an accomplished singer-songwriter who has been performing for over 30 years. She plays the guitar, bass and drums, and is currently recording an album with her musical and life partner, Bob Donald. And believe it or not - she does have some spare time, which she enjoys by watching birds on the porch of her home. Niki would be honored to join the Advisory Board to help support the future success of the Coop!


Betsy Shiland 2020-2022 (2nd term)


Jayne Stokes 2020-2022 (2nd term) - President