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Thanksgiving Pumpkins

Holiday Turkey Order 2023


We expect the turkeys to arrive on Monday, November 20. We will call you when the turkeys arrive. Please do not come to get your turkey until we have them organized, and have let you know they are available.

It's time to think about holiday orders for turkeys!

This year for we are offering Stonewood Turkeys, both whole birds and breasts. See below for information on sizes and prices.

Meatless Option Available

We will also offer a meatless "turkey" from Quorn. This company makes a mushroom-based "turkey" for those who would prefer a non-meat option. Quorn will be available in the store (not as a preorder). More on Quorn here.  

About Stonewood Turkeys

Local product raised in Orwell, Vermont!

This year for we are offering Stonewood Turkeys, both whole birds and breasts. See below for information on sizes and prices.

Where are the turkeys from? Stonewood Farm is just an hour and ten minute drive up Route 22A in Orwell, Vermont. It's been a family-farm for over thirty years.

How are the turkeys raised?  Stonewood Farm offers Humane Care and Handling of their turkeys. The turkeys get plenty of Vermont air, cold nights, good feed, and tender-loving care. Turkeys are antibiotic free.

Are birds fresh or frozen?  The turkeys arrive to us fresh, and Stonewood says that they will stay fresh in the fridge for up to a day after Thanksgiving. The breasts are frozen upon arrival.


Turkey Breasts are Bone-in!


 Members get their discount on the turkey orders.

Pricing and Sizes


Price Per Pound:

  • Whole - $5.99/#

  • Breast - $7.39/#


Turkey Size Ranges:

  • 12-15#

  • 16-19#

  • 20-24#


Breast Size Ranges:

  • 5-7#

  • 8-10#

Order deadline: Wednesday, November 1, 2023


How to order:

  • Stop by the store

  • Email here

  • Call 518-677-5731 to place your order


What information do we need from you?

  • Your name 

  • Specify turkey or breast

  • Size range you want for either, and 

  • Phone number (so we can call you when the birds arrive).


Arrival Date: TBD


We will call you when the turkeys are ready to be picked up!

*Please Note: Sizes are approximate. Depending on the range you select (say you pick the range of 12 - 15 #s), you may get a turkey that is closer to the smaller end of the weight range (example: 12 lbs) or closer to the larger weight of that range (15.99 lbs). The store does not know what the weights are until the birds arrive. We can try to accommodate your request for a larger or smaller bird, but we cannot guarantee it.

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