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Info for Producers

Are you a local farmer, baker, or producer? Do you have a product you think the Co-op could sell? If so, read on for more information.

The Co-op actively seeks local products to sell in our store. In fact, the Co-op's buying and selling of local goods helps us fulfill the seventh Cooperative Principle: Concern for Community where "Cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities..."


What could be better than keeping more of our dollars in our local and regional community? Plus, in the case of produce and meats, the fresher our products are, the happier our members and customers are!

However, we do have some requirements of our local producers, the primary requirement being that your business must be insured (and the Cambridge Food Co-op added as a carrier to your insurance). Please note, that the Co-op maintains the right to decline selling a product at anytime.

Still have questions? Or, would like to see if the Co-op might like to carry your goods?


Fill in your information below and we will reach back out to you shortly!

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