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Events & Activities for 2023

The Co-op is hoping to have a much fuller slate of events for 2023. The pandemic put a halt to a lot of activities, but we hope to amp up educational, fun, and community events this year for our members, and non-members alike. Scroll down to see what is happening this year!


E-Bike Raffle

The Cambridge Food Co-op is offering an e-bike up for raffle. With rising costs in almost every sphere this past year, including food and gas prices, the Co-op decided to try to give community members a chance to reduce their carbon footprint a little with the “Co-op Grocery Getter,’ an e-bike from company Heybike.

For more info, please click here.

E-Bike Raffle Website 2023 (8.5 × 11 in) (5 × 5 in).png
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