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Co-op Membership

The Cambridge Food Co-op (the store and the organization) is a cooperatively-owned business, which means it is owned by its members!

That's right, members have democratic control of the organization, get to meet other community members, are part of a more sustainable food system, and even receive a discount at the cash register!

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Scroll down to see opportunities!

Scroll down to see working member jobs!

Membership at the Co-op - What are the benefits?

Becoming a member of the Cambridge Food Co-op helps ensure that the Co-op continues to exist and remains able to fulfill its important role in the Cambridge food economy.

When you're a member of the Co-op, you get to

  • Meet new people in our community.

  • Help keep the Co-op a vibrant and sustainable community-owned resource for years to come.

  • Be part of a successful 45+ year cooperative dedicated to the development and sustainability of a strong local food system.

  • Vote in annual elections and other Co-op owner votes and have a voice in the Co-op.

  • Help ensure the Co-op's continued success by running as a candidate to serve on the Co-op Board.

  • Order fresh fish weekly. 

  • Save! Get a 5% discount (plus your member discount) on all special order case lots.

  • Become a working member and get even better discounts at register!

  • Ability to take part in members' only sales.

  • Participate in our events for free or a reduced cost.

  • Receive in-store discounts (see below).

Pick the type of membership that's right for you!

Read more below on the different levels of membership.



Supporting members help support the organization with their membership.

Besides the above benefits, supporting members also get a 2% discount at the register.



 Working members help in the store by completing one shift a month.

Besides the above benefits, single working members also get a 12% discount at the register.



Double workers complete two shifts a month.

Besides the above benefits, double working members also get a 15% discount at the register.



Super workers complete four shifts a month.

Besides the above benefits, super working members also get a 20% discount at the register.

Annual Dues Help the Co-op Succeed

All members who are able pay annual dues of $40. This fee covers everyone in a member household. Each household has one vote at annual meetings.  If you are unable to pay the annual due, the Co-op can waive the fee. Please, do not let the fee be a barrier to joining the organization!

How Do I Join?

If you are new to the Co-op, stop by the store to fill out an application and pay your dues. Note: You cannot join the Co-op online, but membership renewals can be done online (see below).

On the application, you can choose what type of membership you want (supporting, working, etc). If you want to be a working member, you will have to do a member orientation (the schedule for orientations is posted below). Orientation is optional, but helpful, if you choose to be a supporting member. You can change your membership level at any time.

Within a few weeks, once we process your application, you'll start getting the weekly fish list in your email, and you'll see updates, newsletters, and other communications via email as well.

Members Assist in Running the Co-op

Part of the democratic nature of a Co-op means that members can join committees and/or the Board of Directors.. 

Board Committees, with member support, help the Board accomplish tasks. These six committees consist of:

  • Governance; Membership & Community Relations; Building; Finance; Personnel; Executive​

Members can also help the Co-op by becoming a working member! 


The store is hoping to engage more members into becoming working members.


Available Jobs for Working Members (updated February 2024)

There are lots of opportunities for members to help out as the much-needed

Back-of-House Worker, and there are openings for specific jobs such as:


  • Bulk Liquid Refiller

  • Date Checker

  • Store Opener

  • Store Closer

  • Shelf Restocker

  • Social Media Assistant

  • Fish List Assistant (Office)

  • Board Clerk (Job Description here)


Other options exist as well, please inquire if you are at all interested. Current working members can switch to having a specific job assigned to them. Specific working member jobs often allow working members more flexibility in scheduling.

If you have been thinking about returning to the store in this capacity, or becoming a new working member, please stop by office and ask for Melissa or reach out to her via email.

We need working members! (1).png

Renewing Membership

Members will get an annual email reminder from the Co-op at the start of the month (and several times throughout that month) that they are due to renew their membership. Memberships can be renewed online by credit card, or members can come into the store to renew their membership.

FAQs About Membership

Can I be a member even if I live somewhere else? Yes! Becoming a member even when you just visit on occasion means that the Co-op will still be here when you do visit, and that your local friends and family will have a great place to shop.


Is there a time commitment to be a member? Members are not required to work to maintain membership!  Though working in the store used to be a requirement and is still an option, working is no longer required and you can elect to be a Supporting Member instead.


I don't shop enough to make the discount/membership fee worth it. The Cambridge Food Co-op is not a big box discount buying club. It's an investment in your community, and any discounts are our way of thanking you for your support. 

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