Membership at the Co-op

Becoming a member of the Cambridge Food Co-op helps ensure that the Co-op continues to exist and remains able to fulfill its important role in the Cambridge food economy.

When you're a member of the Co-op, you get to

  • meet new people in our community.

  • help keep the Co-op a vibrant and sustainable community-owned resource for years to come.

  • be part of a successful 40+ year cooperative dedicated to the development and sustainability of a strong local food system.

  • vote in annual elections and other Co-op owner votes and have a voice in the Co-op.

  • help ensure the Co-op's continued success by running as a candidate to serve on the Co-op Board.

  • order fresh fish weekly. 

  • save! Get a 5% discount (plus your member discount) on all special order case lots.

  • participate in our events for free or a reduced cost.

  • receive in-store discounts:

    • Supporting members receive a 2% discount on all register purchases.

    • Working members receive a 12% discount on all register purchases.



What if I don't live here? That's ok! Becoming a member even when you just visit on occasion means that the Co-op will still be here when you do visit, and that your local friends and family will have a great place to shop.


I don't have time to be a member.  Members are not required to work to maintain membership!  Though working in the store used to be a requirement and is still an option, working is no longer required and you can elect to be a Supporting Member instead.


I don't shop enough to make the discount/membership fee worth it.  The Cambridge Food Co-op is not a big box discount buying club. It's an investment in your community, and any discounts are our way of thanking you for your support. 

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Want to learn more about membership?

Let us know!