Curbside Pick-up at the Co-op

Due to concerns related to Covid-19, the Co-op currently offers Curbside Pick-up Service to customers on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Anyone who wishes to take advantage of this service may due so; you are not required to be a Co-op member to utilize the Curbside Pick-up Service.

The Co-op's inventory is not available online, and so we rely on you to provide us not only with a list of the items you would like but also acceptable substitutes.  If we have time, we may call you for clarification but this is not always possible.  More detail is always better!  Please help us help you.

Curbside orders are accepted through the day before your chosen pick-up day--same-day pick-up is not available.  Once your order is assembled on the morning of pick-up, you will be emailed an invoice which you may pay online.  Once paid, your order is available for pick-up during Co-op open hours.

Please note that payment by check is permitted if you do not wish to pay online, and anyone who wishes may call in an order the day before and leave a detailed message instead of submitting the order electronically.

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