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Co-op to Evaluate Core Values, Mission,

and Vision in 2023

Recently, a small group of Co-op supporters, including board members, a staff member, and a Co-op vendor, initiated a process which will result in a revised mission statement for the Co-op as well as a "vision" for the Co-op's future.

Member input is critical to the visioning process. The mission and vision that come out of the next few months of work will guide Co-op operations, governance, decision-making, and community involvement for the foreseeable future. Please reach out with any questions or comments here.

Overview of Process

Overview of Process

There are three main steps to the visioning process:

  1. The first step in this process is identifying the Co-op's top two or three core values. A member survey will help establish what those values are.

  2. From the chosen core values the mission group will craft a draft mission statement, which will be voted on by the members.

  3. Once the mission statement is approved by members, the board, staff, and members will use the mission statement to define the vision for the organization.

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What Do These Terms Mean?

The first step in this process is identifying the Co-op's top two or three core values. Think of the core values as expressing why the Co-op exists.

We would like members' help in identifying what the Co-op's top core values should be. To that end, members were emailed a survey about Co-op values in February. The top values identified by our members through the survey will guide the creation of the Co-op's new mission statement

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Once the top three core values are determined (from the member Survey), the mission/vision working group will draft a mission statement.

The draft mission statement will be proposed to the membership at the end of spring/early summer, and the members will vote "yay" or "nay" on the proposed mission statement at a special members' meeting.

If the members decline the proposed mission statement, the working group will review and propose another statement for the October members' meeting.

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Vision Step Three.png

Once the mission statement is approved, the fun really starts: board, staff, and members work together to create a vision for the Co-op we want.

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