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Two Projects - Both Making the Cambridge Food Co-op (and Cambridge) a Better Place!

2023 and 2024 are years of big change at the Cambridge Food Co-op.


Last year saw the beginnings of movement to change the mission statement, re-evaluate the core values, and vision for the organization.

This year, the Co-op is excited to have won grant money from New York State's NY Forward Grant.

Both initiatives will shape how the Co-op changes in the next few years.

For more information on either of these projects, read below.

Care Value and Missions.png

Co-op Evaluated Core Values and Votes on New Mission Statement in 2023--Now onto the Vision

In 2023, a small group of Co-op supporters, including board members, a staff member, and a Co-op vendor, initiated a process which will result in a revised mission statement for the Co-op as well as a "vision" for the Co-op's future.

After brainstorming and member surveys in Spring 2023, the membership was asked to vote on the new mission statement in September, and the final approval was made at the Annual Meeting this past October (see statement above).

Now we move into the visioning process in 2024. Member input is critical at this stage. The vision that comes out of the next few months of work will guide Co-op operations, governance, decision-making, and community involvement for the foreseeable future. Please reach out with any questions or comments here.

New mission statement:

The mission of the Cambridge Food Co-op is to foster a resilient community by providing healthy, sustainable food while featuring local producers, all within an inviting and supportive space.

Overview of Process

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Screen Shot 2024-06-06 at 12.23.27 PM.png

The Cambridge Food Co-op, along with four other locations in Cambridge won grant money in 2024

You may have heard the exciting news from New York State’s NY Forward Program: The Co-op was awarded $375,000 for the creation of a community kitchen and more gathering space! 

We are thrilled in joining four other projects in Cambridge that will directly contribute to our community’s livability and economic strength.

Further details regarding the NY Forward Program are pending. In the meantime, we on the Coop Board are preparing for the project and encourage anyone who wishes to contribute to that planning effort to contact the board at

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