What Will You Find Inside the Co-op?

Why shop the Co-op? In short, the Co-op has what you need! We carry an assortment of foods, produce, health and beauty items, supplements, and more, and we place an emphasis on finding and selling products that meet our values. 


We try to fill our shelves with fair-trade items, organic or certified naturally-grown products and produce, non-GMO items, and products made locally and regionally, specifically from small businesses. While we might not succeed with every item, know that we think about the environmental and social impacts of the products we source, and try to carry the best possible items. 

The Co-op has something for everyone!

You’ll find quality selections in our:

  • bulk items;

  • unique assortment of local and international cheeses;

  • variety of local milk and dairy products;

  • locally-made artisan bread; 

  • fabulous local, natural, and organic produce;

  • local and sustainably-raised meat options;

  • fresh fish*

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Bring your own bags or jars and shop the bulk section!

But don't worry if you forget your own containers, we do provide bags and jars if you need them.


The Co-op offers an ever-expanding bulk section. You'll find grains, flours, dried beans, herbs and spices, teas, coffees, dried fruits, candies, granolas, snacks, and more in our bulk foods section. There are a lot of food items from which you can choose!

Do I have to buy large amounts of food?

Buying from the bulk section does not mean you have to buy huge amounts of a food, but rather, because we buy in quantity, you can scoop out as much or as little as you want. Need an ounce of tea, but two pounds of dried beans?—you can do that!

Intimidated by the Bulk Section? Don't Worry!

The bulk section can look scary to someone who is new to the scoop bins, gravity bins (!), and spice and tea jars. Please, ask us for help if you are not sure what to do. We'd be happy to show you how to get what you need. Also, see image below for a visual of how to navigate the bulk section.

You Can Order in Bulk Amounts

If you find something in the bulk section that you need a large quantity of, you can also special order that item. (anything from 20 pounds of rice to five pound coffee bags).


Why Should You Consider Buying Items from the Bulk Section?

Buying in bulk also means we all use less plastic! 


Because foods come to us in less packaging when we buy them in large amounts, and then they are placed into the various bins and jars (instead of being repacked), the foods use less plastic. When you shop with your own reusable bags, you are further cutting down on plastic waste. Less plastic waste means a far healthier earth!

Guide to the Bulk Section

The Types of Bulk Bins

Gravity Bins - these bins work by a black handle, which you pull down, thus allowing gravity to move the product into the spout, under which the you place your bag or jar to collect the food item.

Scoop Bins - these bins have lids, which you will lift and then use the attached scoop to collect the food into your vessel.

Tea and Spice Jars - these bulk containers are glass jars with screw top lids. (not pictured)

Gravity Bins

Scoop Bins

How to Shop the Bulk Section