Product Spotlight


“Chocolate is essential!” At least that's what Deb and Jim Morris, founders of Barkeater Chocolates, say, and, of course, we agree!


In 2008, Deb and Jim founded Barkeater Chocolates, in North Creek, NY, and well over a decade later the “Barkeater Chocolates team has grown and is still making the world’s most FlavorWow™ gourmet chocolates in the Heart of the Adirondacks.” Their mission is to make, by hand, chocolates with wholesome ingredients.


Their story (copied from their website): “…begins with a passion for quality chocolate. It continues with a vision of a small town in rural America finding itself in the infancy stages of a tourism explosion. After years in the media industry in New York’s Capital Region, Deb and her husband Jim decided it was time to turn passion and vision into a reality. Deb studied under chocolatiers and pastry chefs and began to create artisan truffles with wholesome ingredients and unique flavors, while Jim tackled the business plan. After each batch of truffles, Deb and Jim would discreetly place them on tables at gatherings and parties to gauge the guests’ reactions. You can imagine the results. And so a NEW Adirondack chocolate company was born under the name, Barkeater Chocolates, near Gore Mountain in the Adirondacks. The rest of our story is still being written…”


We’re excited to have Jim and Deb’s chocolates in the Co-op. We’ve got bars and chocolate bark (with either Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruit or Raspberry Hazelnut) in varying amounts of dark chocolate strength.


These chocolates are great as a gift or as a way to satisfy your own sweet tooth.

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Top and bottom images courtesy of K. Kerr.

Middle image from Barkeaters website.