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Co-op Recipes

Member Bliss McIntosh writes a recipe column for the local newspaper, The Eagle, and we'd like to honor her work by sending the recipes out to our members and shoppers as well. Each month we'll have new recipes to share.

They will also be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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This month's recipe is for POWER Cookies! They are high in protein, high in complex carbs and are delicious to boot!

Bliss Says: There have been long stretches when our household has practically lived on them, along with glasses of rich creamy Jersey milk. I began making them when our kids were young and went straight to athletic practice after school, often coming home for a late supper. Now a batch keeps longer than I like so I’d do well to freeze half of them when first baked, but we get help from our local grandchild, too. You can get all of these ingredients at the Cambridge Food Co-op.

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