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Product Spotlight: Berle Farm

"It all starts with responsible thinking. We make decisions based on whether it will be good for the Earth. " ~ Beatrice

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As most Co-op shoppers know, there are a number of wonderful farms in our area. One of the farms that routinely stands out is Berle Farm.

Located in Hoosick, New York, this woman-owned, multi-generational farm cares a great deal about sustainability and practices a whole-systems approach at the farm. Beatrice Berle, owner, founded the farm thirty-three years ago. Her commitment to maintaining soil health, caring for the cows, testing of new products before they hit market, investing in the local economy, and more exemplify the values of Beatrice and her farm.

The Co-op carries several Berle Farm products. Berle yogurt sells extremely well. It has an excellent taste, is certified organic, and is packed in glass jars that can be returned and re-used. BerleBerg and HayMaker organic cheeses are available in the cheese cooler. Both are hand-crafted in small batches with raw cows milk. The former is aged for six months and is great for melting or snacking. The latter ages for more than a year and has a “robust, earthy” flavor. It works well as a shaved cheese. The Co-op also carries Berle’s organic, pasteurized whole milk and grass-fed ground beef.

Thank you to Gail and Tom Bearup, Co-op members, who trek every week or so to Berle Farm to retrieve the store's order, return glass bottles, and offer all around help with the orders!

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