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Timeline of Building Improvements

Since the Co-op assumed ownership of our building, the Board of Directors and Building Committee have worked tremendously hard to update, upgrade (and make safe) the historic structure. While there is still some work to do on the building (is there ever an end of home improvements?!), for now, we can take a little rest from the hum of masonry tools and pounding of nails.

If you're interested in the work that has been completed, please read the timeline below. Charlie Reiss (member and former Treasurer, Board member, Building Committee member) and Susan Sullivan (member and former Co-op Board President) compiled a list of the improvements made to the Co-op building within the last decade.

We are thankful for several grants, including a NYS Main Street Grant, and an initial critical loan from the Community Loan Fund of Albany for helping assist in the work that was completed. We hope the improvements made to the building and store make our members, shoppers, and upstairs tenants feel welcome in this wonderful space.

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