Working Membership at the Co-op

Some Co-op members choose to support the Co-op as working members.  Working members perform 4 hours of work per month, which is critically necessary to the functioning of the Co-op.  

Working members get the satisfaction of knowing their efforts help ensure that the Co-op will continue to serve our community, and an additional discount on their Co-op purchases. Because the Co-op's working members are absolutely crucial to the success of the Co-op, working members are held to a high standard of professionalism and performance.  While meeting others and having fun is a happy by-product of your working membership, satisfactory performance of the job is required. 

To become a working member, you must join the Co-op, and participate in a 1 hour Working Member Orientation.  Once this is complete, you can sign up for your first shift!  Click here to inquire about working membership and upcoming Co-op working member orientations.

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Already a working member?

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