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Holiday Shopping at the Co-op

We have new ways to shop this holiday season. Buy small bulk quantities of baking items with our Small Bulk Holiday Pre-order, and let us help you shop with our Pick N' Pack Produce Pre-order. See below for more info.

Small Bulk Holiday Order Website 1.png

Small Bulk Holiday Pre-Order

Due: November 11
Pick up: November 18 - 21

Let the Co-op help you buy small bulk amounts of holiday foods at reasonable prices! You'll save 10% off your total, and your member discount can be applied as well!

These items will be specific for holiday cooking and baking (think raisins, currants, flour, pecans, almonds, bacon, and more), and they come in smaller bulk quantities (many are only 5# pack sizes!).

We want to help you get more bang for your buck, use less packaging, and make the most of your membership.

To see the available options, click on the button below.

If you don't see an item on the list that you need or want, let us know, we might be able to order it as well.

Pickn'Pack Website 1.png

Pick N' Pack Produce Pre-Order

Due: November 11
Pick up: November 18 - 21

Save time, save money, and shop local and organic produce options for Thanksgiving!

We know that shopping for produce at the Co-op can be a bit tricky at the holidays. Small cooler coupled with many people trying to get carrots or potatoes at the same time, it can be, we decided to make your produce shopping easier this year!

You pick the produce you want with our pre-order link below, and we pack it out for you. Place your order before the end of day on November 11, and you can pick up your order anytime November 18 - 21!

You'll save 10% on your order (and you are still eligible to use your member discount!

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