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Cooking at the Co-op: Traditional Slovak Easter Breakfast

Member, Evan Lawrence, submitted his grandmother's recipe for a traditional Slovak Easter breakfast. It sure looks tasty!

In wanting to know a little more about this dish, we looked it up online as well. This Easter "cheese" is also known as cirek, hrudka, sirecz.

Rose Simko's Traditional Slovak Easter Breakfast

Submitted by Evan Lawrence

This is traditional Slovak Easter breakfast. Both my grandmothers made it. It was served along with ham, kielbasa, colored hard-boiled eggs, pink and white horseradish sauce, and my grandmothers' apple cake, sheet pan cheesecake, and paska (sweet bread). It doesn't keep well so only make as much as you can eat in the next few days. This version, dated 1970, is from my father's mother, Rose Simko.


3 cups milk

9 eggs

salt and pepper to taste (white pepper works best)


Beat everything together. Pour into top of double boiler over simmering water. Turn every five minutes until solid. Pour into a dish towel and wrap. Squeeze gently. Hang over a faucet for a few hours or overnight, continuing to squeeze occasionally. (In the interests of food safety, I hang it in the refrigerator). Slice and serve.

Thanks, Evan, for your contribution!

Co-op shoppers, all ingredients can be found at the Co-op!

(Image above from The Spruce Eats:

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