The Co-op takes Covid-19 seriously.

The Co-op's Covid Story

The Cambridge Food Co-op is a small store that relies heavily on working members to keep the place running.  But when the pandemic hit, we realized that having so many different helpers in the store throughout the week would make it very difficult to maintain state-mandated pandemic standards and keep our more vulnerable working members safe.  So we made the very difficult decision to temporarily suspend our Working Member Program.

Without our working members, store operations fell entirely onto the shoulders of our small staff of seven. But sometimes our Co-op's diminutive size is an advantage. The Cambridge Food Co-op was able to pivot in a hurry to protect our community from Covid-19 while keeping the lights turned on. 

We shortened our open hours to protect staff from burnout, put on masks and required customers to do so too, set up screens at the counter, limited the number of shoppers in the store, started our Curbside Pickup Program, and upped our disinfecting game. Our customers kept up, and took advantage of the Co-op's diverse supply chains which provided access to everything they needed--including toilet paper!  Our members met these changes with patience, humor, and flexibility, but they also showed tremendous generosity by donating their discounts, helping to ensure that the Co-op comes through these challenging times on solid footing.

Through all the changes in open hours, hygiene protocols, and shopping routines, our community has stuck with us.  For this, we are eternally grateful.

Current Requirements

  • Co-op shoppers are required to use the rear entrance only. This makes it easier for us to limit the number of shoppers in the store at one time.

  • Shoppers MUST wear a properly fitted mask.  There will be no exceptions.  For those who are unwilling or unable to do so, our curbside pickup program is available.

  • Shoppers must use hand sanitizer (provided) upon entering the store. 

  • Shoppers handling bulk items must wear gloves (provided).

  • Shoppers may be asked to leave their companions outside so more shoppers can enter the store. 

  • No customers (this includes members) are permitted in the kitchen area, office, or behind the register.

  • Shoppers may be asked to wait for a few minutes outside the store until there is room in the store for additional shoppers.

We are still here because of you. Thank you.