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Board Drafts Charters for Committees

The Board of Directors is hard at work creating charters to guide the six Board committees: Executive; Governance; Finance; Building; Member and Community Outreach; Personnel. The intent of the charters is to clearly delineate the purpose of each committee, name the chair and active members in the group, spell out how often the committee meets, to whom it reports and how often, and, importantly, the goals of that committee for the current year, and other relevant information.

All six of the committees have been active over the last few years, and in early 2020 (pre-pandemic), the Board started to formalize these groups with charters. However, the pandemic, as with many things, moved focus away from the work that had already been started.

The creation of the committees is an important step in the work flow for the Board. In the past, the entire Board or staff would be responsible for much of the work that committees can do. Now, with clearly delineated operating procedures and point persons, what would have taken several Board meetings to accomplish, can now be done with a group designated to one specific aspect of the Co-op’s operations. Each specific group can then report back to the Board with the work they accomplish.

Each committee will have a Board Director or Co-op Member as its chair, and members are encouraged to help out with committees. These committees are part of the way that members can participate in the democratic functioning of the organization.

At the February 23, 2022 board meeting, the Board of Directors reviewed the draft charters put forth by the Executive Committee. Once the committees (and any members) provide feedback, hopefully by the March 23, 2022 board meeting, the drafts will be formalized and placed online as well as in the store.

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