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Guide to Shopping Bulk at the Co-op

Food co-ops are known for their bulk foods sections. In fact, many co-ops across the country were initially founded by groups of people who bought items like rice, flour, and beans in bulk amounts (think 25lbs - 50lbs bags) and divvied up those goods between themselves. The Cambridge Food Co-op also began that way, eventually becoming a small grocery with a great bulk foods section.

Today, shoppers and members alike can still buy items in bulk. When you shop from the store's bulk bins, you can buy as little or as much from the bulk bins as you want. Need five pounds of flour? You can do that! Only need an ounce or two of a spice? That's doable too. Of course, remember that if you really do want a large amount of an item, you can special order it from the store).

Below is a listing of frequently asked questions about buying in bulk:

Here's how to navigate the bulk section when you shop in the store:

Please, feel free to share this post with other people. There are many who are a little unsure about shopping the bulk section, and at the Co-op we want our customers to feel empowered to shop a different, and more environmentally-friendly, way.

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