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Product Spotlight: MW Farmstead, Maker of Goat Milk Soaps

By Melissa Carll, Marketing Manager

The Co-op has been selling MW Farmstead’s goat milk bath products for a little over a year now. This small-scale, family farm is just within the Village of Salem, a short truck up Route 22 from the Co-op. Owned and operated by the Goddardin family, Tonia and her husband AJ (along with their two kiddos) began their business and farm during the pandemic.

The family was able to buy their dream property in 2019, and, like many people, as the entire globe entered into a world quickly changed by Covid-19, AJ and Tonia found they too needed to adapt. With a vacant barn on the property, not a little work to make the old structure usable again, and the introduction of some sweet Nigerian Dwarf goats (three of which were from a rescue situation), MW Farmstead’s goat milk soap business began!

Along with the goat milk soaps, MW Farmstead also makes bath-related products, including bath bombs and bath soaks. From the MW Farmstead website: “Our soaps are handcrafted in small batches of all natural ingredients, goat milk made with the perfect combination of...oils...We only use natural colorants and pure essential oils. Every batch is handmade with artisan techniques...and batches will vary in appearance. Our goat milk soaps are chemical free, all natural, that lather well to cleanse, entice your senses and give you the satisfaction that you are using a quality product that is safe for your skin.” Some of the scented soaps include Vanilla Mint, Tea Tree and Lemon, Lavender and Jasmine, and delightfully named Mambo #5 (a citrus blend that’s divine).

What’s a bath bomb you ask? It’s a combination of goat milk powder, coconut oil, and essential oil. When you throw it into your bath, the “bomb” creates a fizzy, but relaxing, reaction in the water. It’s a fun way to add a little scent and rejuvenating oil into your bath. Bath soaks contain epsom salts and shea butter, among other great ingredients to hydrate and revive your skin.

You can find all three items, in a variety of scents at the Co-op!

Thanks to Tonia for answering our questions about her family's farm and business.

Photos above are from Please visit their site to learn even more about this awesome business.


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